Institut de Combustion Aérothermique Réactivité et Environnement

ENACCEF : Flame acceleration enclosure

Flame acceleration in the presence of repeated obstacles.

Contact : Nabiha CHAUMEIX


is constituted of 2 sections: the upper part is a 654 l vessel, named the dome, and it is connected to a vertical tube of approximately 65 l, referred to as the acceleration tube, in which different shapes of obstacles can be positioned. This facility is highly instrumented with 16 photomultipliers tubes for flame detection and 9 pressure sensors to measure the maximum pressure load. The dome and the acceleration tube are equipped with 3 optical windows each to allow laser diagnostics implementation. Spark ignition can be positioned at different height allowing the study of different flame propagation (upward and downward). Different type of sprays can be implemented in the facility. Homogeneous mixtures or gradient of concentration can be obtained.

• Acceleration tube : 3.2 m long, 154 mm inside diameter,
• Dome : 1.7 m long, 738 mm inside diameter,
• Pressure : 45 bar,
• Temperature : 25 °C.


is a vertical tube, 7.65 m high and 230 mm i.d., equipped with 27 optical ports to detect the flame passage along the tube and 12 large windows at specific locations along the tube to record the flame structure using high speed imaging techniques. These large windows allow the use of high speed particle image velocimetry to measure the velocity field ahead of the flame induced by the latter. Ten high frequency pressure sensors distributed along the tube allow the monitoring of the pressure build-up inside the facility and the characterization of the pressure loads. 27 shock detectors measure precisely the shock waves location and hence a trajectory can be derived. The ignition can be located at any position in the tube so that several flame propagation can be studied. A gradient of either composition or temperature can be easily created. Different sprays configurations can be implemented in the facility to study water spray effect on the combustion dynamics.

• Vertical facility : 7.65 m high, 230 mm inside diameter,
• Pressure : 240 bar,
• Temperature : 200 °C.