Institut de Combustion Aérothermique Réactivité et Environnement

HELIOS : Orleans Natural Radiation Atmospheric Simulation Chamber

Contacts : Véronique DAËLE, Max MCGILLEN


• Large volume : 90 m3 (diameter = 6m)
• Low surface/volume ratio : 1,2 m-1
• Low concentrations in the range of ppb
• Environmental temperature
• Air pressure (ultrapure air)
• Varying relative humidity
• A 110 m2 laboratory located under the chamber

→ 1st experimental platform of this scale in France and 3rd in Europe

Instrumental park

• IRTF (in situ) + multi-reflection system
• Analysers O3, NOX, HONO, HCHO, BTEX, SO2
• Granulometer (SMPS)
• Ozone generator
• Temperature / relative humidity measurement
• Mass spectrometers : PTR-TOF-MS ; FIGAERO-TOF-CIMS ; SAMU ; ORBITRAP
• Infrared laser spectrometers : SPECIES, SPIRIT
• Chromatographs : UHPLC-MS ; ATD-GC-MS ; GPC-MS/FID,PID ; IC

→ Measurement of trace gases of aerosols


• Study of photochemical processes in the atmosphere under controlled and realistic conditions
• Measuring air quality and its impacts, from local to global pollution :
      o Indoor pollution (local and health impact)
      o Atmospheric aerosol formation (local and health impact)
      o Deposition of pollutants on the natural environment and on crops such as pesticides (impacts on biodiversity and agriculture)
      o Effect on the climate of VOC degradation products, including fluorinated products (global impact)

→ Openness to the European and international scientific communities