Institut de Combustion Aérothermique Réactivité et Environnement


Soufflerie à Plasma Hors Équilibre De Rentrées Atmosphériques
Out-of-Balance Inlet Plasma Wind Tunnel

Contact : Viviana LAGO

Principal features

Supersonic blower with high enthalpy and continuous operation
Experimental chamber: cylindrical L 4,5M x D 2,1m

Plasma source: arc-jet type generators
Nozzle: conical

Pumping unit with adjustable capacity max 26000 m3/h
Statistical pressure, Pa : 1stg < 3000 Stop pressure, Pa : 200 < 120.105
Mach number : 2 < Mach < 8 Medium Specific Enthalpy, Mj/kg few < H0 < 50 Suitable plasma gases : N2, Air, CO2, CH4, Ar et mélanges adaptés


5 < Scope cm <10

Applications and research areas

Fundamental research on high enthalpy flows
Out-of-equilibrium flow dynamics
Experimental database of planetary atmospheric inputs: Mars, Earth, Titan, Venus
Study of the aerodynamic and aerothermal behaviour of space probes
Plasma flow control by MHD