Institut de Combustion Aérothermique Réactivité et Environnement


Soufflerie pour l’Étude Des Interactions et Transferts en Hypersonique
Wind Tunnel for the Study of Interactions and Transfers in Hypersonicity

Contact : Viviana LAGO

Principal features

Long service life 20 minutes
Experimental chamber: cylindrical L 1,2m x D 1,7m
Nozzle: with adaptated contour and adaptable conicals on request

Pumping unit capacity : 9000 m3/h
Statistical pressure, Pa : 8.103
Stop pressure, Pa : 3.105
Mach number : 3
Reynolds number/m : Re = 2,77.107
Gaz : air tank at 300 Bar
The operating conditions can be adapted according to the nozzle


Scope, cm < 10

Applications and research areas

Fundamental shockwave research
Aerodynamic and aerothermal behaviour of probes and spacecraft
Fluidic vectoring.of supersonic flows