-Experimental Devices for Burning Particles and Vaporizing Drops at High Pressure-

Institut de Combustion Aérothermique Réactivité et Environnement

Experimental Devices for Burning Particles and Vaporizing Drops at High Pressure

Contact : Christian CHAUVEAU

High pressure chamber

This chamber is equipped with an electrostatic levitation unit allowing the study of particle combustion without contact. The ignition is ensured by a CO2 laser.

• Maximum pressure : 12 MPa
• Gases used : air, N2, O2, CO2
• Laser power : 60 W
• Particle diameter : 20 – 200 µm
• Diagnostics : quick visualization, direct PM emission, pyrometry

Combustion chamber and high pressure levitation

Types of particles

Evolution of the ignition delay as a function of the % of Nickel

Different types of particles can be studied in this device :
• Al, AL-Ni, Mg, Fe
• Coal, lignite, petroleum coke

The ignition delay and combustion time of these particles can be determined as a function of the parameters: pressure and composition of the ambient gas.


Aluminium particle Nickel coated

Schematic representation of the experimental device

Microgravity droplet spray device (MUCC) on board the A300, 0g

The vaporization of the drops is studied in a chamber that can be embarked on board the A300 0g aircraft, which can create conditions of reduced gravity.

Max temperature : 1200 K
Gas used : N2
Drop diameter : 200 – 600 µm
Number of interacting drops : 9
Diagnostics : quick visualization