-Spherical Bomb I-

Institut de Combustion Aérothermique Réactivité et Environnement


The facility SB-I is a spherical vessel of 8 liters with 2 optical access quartz windows. It is dedicated to the study of flammability limits of gases and hybrid fuels (dust/gases). It is equipped with an electrical heating to be able to vary the initial temperature up to 100°C The ignition energy is controlled and can be varied over a very large domain (less than a millijoule up to 2 J). Ignition system can be spark based using 2 tungsten electrodes or laser based using an Nd-YAG laser. High frequency pressure transducer and high-speed imaging are used to monitor the successful/unsuccessful ignition events. In the event of a successful ignition, the overpressure is monitored. A gas chromatographer is used to analyze the gaseous reactants and products. In case of dust, samples are collected and analyzed via TEM and SEM techniques.


Inner diameter: 250 mm
Internal volume: 8 L
Optical windows diameter: 60 mm

Pressure / Temperature

50 bar / 100°C

Operations at this facility began in 1996 for various research purposes such as flammability limits, gaseous fuels and dust and Laminar flame speed.