-Experimental Device for the Study of Non-Premixed Turbulent Combustion-

Institut de Combustion Aérothermique Réactivité et Environnement

Experimental Device for the Study of Non-Premixed Turbulent Combustion

Contact : Toufik BOUSHAKI

Combustion chamber

Features :

This combustion chamber modeling an industrial furnace (or boiler) has been designed to study turbulent non-premixed natural gas-air flames. The burner is placed at the bottom in the center of the chamber and the flame develops vertically along the containment.

The burner is removable, so any type of burner can be used, laminar/turbulent, premixed/non-premixed.

Dimensions : 1.2 x 0.5 x 0.5 m3,
Power : 30 kW,
24 viewing windows,
Exterior water cooling,
Insulating refractory interior walls,
Equipped with multi-gas analyzers (CO, NOx, CO2, CH4, SOx),
Equipped with full height temperature sensors.

Coaxial swirl burner

The burner consists of two concentric tubes with a swirler placed in the annular part to rotate the oxidant. The central tube conveys the fuel to a radial injector with eight holes at the periphery.

Diagnostics : PIV, LDA, PLIF.
Tomography, chemiluminescence.


Burner head

Coaxial burner schematic with swirl

EICO according to the richness and enrichment in O2

Stereo PIV reagent velocity field. Coaxial burner with swirl

Instantaneous chemiluminescence image of OH