Jet-Stirred Reactor

Institut de Combustion Aérothermique Réactivité et Environnement

Jet-Stirred Reactor

Contact : Philippe DAGAUT


Kinetic studies of oxidation/combustion of commercial fuels (gasoline, diesel, kerosene), reformulated fuels (bio-diesel, bio-kerosene), fuels (natural gas and mixtures with hydrogen or lean gas), pure gaseous or liquid compounds; interactions with flue gases (EGR, NOx, SOx, Cox, H2O); formation of pollutants.

Experimental conditions

Four experimental systems using self-agitated gas jet reactors are operating in the laboratory. Their extreme operating conditions are as follows :
• Throughput time : 0.01-5 s
• Pressure : 1-40 atm
• Temperature : 500-1500 K

Overall scheme of an experimental system

View of the self-agitated gas jet reactor

Data obtained

Concentration profiles of reagents, stable intermediates and reaction products as a function of temperature or transit time (for different initial conditions of richness, concentration of reagents, pressure, …) obtained by physico-chemical analyses :
• Chromatography in gas and liquid phase
• Mass spectrometry
• Fourier transform IR

The data obtained are used for the development and validation of kinetic combustion models.

Oxidation of rapeseed oil methyl ester to JSR ( = 1.5, 0.1 s). The large symbols represent the data obtained in a self-agitated gas jet reactor and the lines the simulations

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