The Fourth Sino-European School

29 juillet 2019
The Fourth Sino-European School on Atmospheric Chemistry (SESAC).


In the last two decades it has become increasingly clear that climate change and air quality are key societal issues that have to be addressed by many scientific disciplines, which emphasizes the need for multidisciplinary education. It is therefore the main aim of this summer school to help young scientists with the necessary information and provide access to state-of-the-art techniques. We have identified exciting scientific issues that will be presented by world-leading experts. We will thus ensure the dissemination of the best available science to our young generation of scientists and promote the start of their scientific careers.

When considering environmental issues, the atmosphere plays a central role as a highly oxidizing medium, which is linked to the water cycle, climate and to the biosphere including human beings. Therefore changes in the atmospheric composition directly affect the Earth System through air quality, the radiation budget, shielding from ultraviolet radiation, weather events, climate and the water cycle, i.e. affecting all primary conditions for life on earth.

The fourth Sino-European School on Atmospheric Chemistry (SESAC4) will scientifically address atmospheric chemistry basics in the 21st century as well as important current questions such as the routes for organics oxidation in the atmosphere, secondary organic aerosol formation and properties, dust physical chemistry, exchanges at interfaces (soil, oceans, etc.) and the implications to the atmosphere (air quality and climate change).

In this school several « hot » topics will be addressed by the lecturers, in addition to basic knowledge needed to understand these topics.

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